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My books, my purpose:

My story about overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, recovering from emotional nuclear bombs, melting the semantic fog locking so many people into stuck lives, codifying occupational DNA, understanding the whole point of existence - bold claim, maybe. Yet true!

Image is design of Good Being front book cover

Codifying The Meaning of Life:

The Owner's Manual for Love, Life & Livelihood. If you're one of the many who spent time wondering what is The Point of your life? Then this is The Book for you. Crack the code of The Meaning of Life by taking ownership of the words that lead you to uncover the vocation you were born to contribute to society and live your life with the super-powers of love, joy, aesthetics and positive-intention.

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'Good Being - The Meaning of Life System'

Image contains design for Im so so Sorry book cover

The Toughest of Life-Lessons:

A story about never giving up on our dreams, overcoming life’s catastrophes and - in spite of the odds - igniting miracles on the way. The cost of a cappuccino buys a lot of everlasting love in this 'life-paper': A dad’s voyage from the emotional bomb of child-loss, encouraged by 'Dirk's Circle' of friend-ships, navigating heartbreak, to unquenchable hope, healing and the birth of a vision.

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'I'm so, so Sorry'

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