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Good Being

The Meaning of Life System, melting the semantic fog and codifying purpose. 

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Welcome to my blog, a place where I share my greatest inspiration and candidly display the different sides of my 'Good Being' meaning of life passion project. Since I launched my site it has been generating a buzz, melting the semantic fog and gaining an increased following from day to day. I invite you to explore my content and learn about what makes me so passionate about the subject of 'The Whole Point of Existence'; as I discuss in my latest book. Please reach out and engage— because, as I build on my mission to turn people onto their true calling in life, it would be great to hear from you, as well.

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¼ Century of consulting, coaching and creating experience.

Only the Best

You know what makes me an agitator, outlier, maverick when it comes to maximising potential? I really, really care and I am really, really unashamedly passionate about making a difference and adding value. What that means in reality is that I evangelise about the power of my insight gained from 25 years of coaching, consulting and strategic facilitation to unlock hidden power. Whether knowingly or not, 90% of the people I coach and the organisations I consult to are not turned-on to their power. Whether through one-to-one coaching, offering my consulting savvy to organisations or being sensitive to moving groups of people bearing different views, opinions and values about how to get their job done in relation to fulfilling the organisation's strategic goals, I see what others so often miss  - The Good in People. 

'Good Being' Services



Whether my Bronze, Silver or Gold programmes, my services are available for the following tiers: 
- High-flyers, Board-level Executive & Entrepreneurs. 

- Career-changers, Women-returners & Purpose-hunters

- Career-rookies, Young Persons, 16 to 26 years. 
With each programme using my 'Good Being Meaning of Life System method to help you codify your occupational DNA and generate an authentic sense of purpose in life. 



The flip-side of my coaching business is consulting to any organisation that is tired of haemorrhaging the good intentions detailed on their Business Plan by not having engaged personnel who are turned-on to their unique set of skills, talents, values, character traits, attitudes, insights and knowledges in such a way that not only maximises their innate potential. But unleashes value in your organisation in such a way that you fulfil your strategic goals too. 



By combining my coaching and consulting insights, my facilitation services add an unbiased third party asset to your team with a proven record in designing, delivering and managing your strategy event to inspire, empower and support group dynamics, cohesion and effectiveness. I have designed and facilitated many kinds of events, including leadership retreats, strategy workshops, focus groups, employee engagement, and customer service workshops.

"Duncan is an excellent business people coach and has shown he can work with the most unpromising and entrenched candidates; helping them to see the world in a different way and change their performance. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Duncan, it was a very valuable experience having him in the business and I have personally gained much from working with him."

Nicky, HR Director Law Firm,

London & Home Counties UK



With more than an eye on holistic wellbeing and maximising potential, I wonder what type of organisation might like to advertise on a blog devoted to 'love, life & livelihood'? Do get in touch if you feel there could be synergies worth exploring between our respective offerings. 

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